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A community by survivors for survivors of workplace harassment, abuse, and discrimination. You are not alone.


Estimated 1 in 3 United Nations staff experienced sexual harassment according to a report in 2019.


Humanitarian Women's Network found 69% of women did not report the harassment they faced.


Arab Institute of Women report shows that 41% of women aid workers respondents experienced sexual harassment in the field.


The United Kingdom's House of Commons International Development Committee July 2018 report acknowledges receiving submissions and evidence relating to the sexual harassment and abuse of aid workers. In a follow up report later in the same year of a targeted listening exercise with victims and survivors; they note the need for a 'holistic package' of support centred around the needs of the victim and survivor - covering (not exhaustively) health, counselling/psychosocial support, the need for compassion and recognition, financial, and access to justice.

Social scientists have identified sexual harassment as a stressor detrimental to one's mental and physical health. Harassment is associated with the increased risk of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as diminished self esteem, self confidence, and psychological well-being. Sexual harassment has a cumulative, demoralizing effect that discourages women from asserting themselves in the workplace.

NANSHE is a global social enterprise with the vision to create and sustain systems of support for women to be able to work equitably without fear of harassment, abuse, discrimination, or retaliatory actions. What initially started out as an informal group of women sharing experiences in search of solidarity and healing from trauma evolved into empowering discussions and series of organised actions, prompting the formalisation of NANSHE. We are a for-survivors by-survivors community of support for women who have faced harassment, abuse and discrimination at work.

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